UNICOM Global announces day one support for IBM® z/OS® V2.5, the next-gen operating system for IBM Z

New release provides foundation for UNICOM modernization solutions

Mission Hills, CA, September 27, 2021 – UNICOM® Global has today announced that its mainframe software will provide day one support for IBM’s new z/OS V2.5 operating system, designed to accelerate application modernization and hybrid cloud adoption on IBM Z.

As an IBM Partner in Development, UNICOM has worked closely with IBM to ensure that its mainframe products will support z/OS V2.5 when it is released on September 30, 2021, allowing UNICOM customers to benefit immediately from new capabilities for AI enablement, resilience, security and an improved developer experience.

Larry Lawler, Chief Technology Officer at UNICOM Global, said, “At UNICOM we are all about helping our customers drive more value from the mainframe by modernizing how they work with it, and this is perfectly aligned with IBM’s development focus for z/OS V2.5.

“The mainframe offers unmatched performance, security, resilience and end-to-end Pervasive Encryption. For many of our customers it is an integral part of their hybrid cloud strategy, so it is great to see additional capabilities for cloud storage and containerization, as well as new Java/COBOL interoperability to help with application modernization.

“A huge amount of business-critical data resides on the mainframe, so we are also excited about the new AI features that are designed to give businesses new insights from their mainframe data, for more informed decision-making.”

UNICOM develops solutions to help enterprises accelerate deployment of mainframe applications, optimize system performance, and modernize user experience, and to drive successful digital transformation projects based on accurate insights from their operational business and technical environments.

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