Operational intelligence

Drive decisions from your enterprise data.

Organizations that embrace data-driven decision making require information that allows them to react quickly. This could involve aggregating real-time systems information from across the enterprise; using artificial intelligence to learn how to identify and resolve problems faster; or using analytics to predict future trends from historical data.

System overview

Explore and personalize your working environment to deliver important real-time business and systems metrics

Interactive drill-down

Red, amber and green ‘traffic light’ indicators that simplify content review and guide interactive drill-down

Integrated analytics

Seamless integration with Splunk® and Microsoft® SSRS to allow you to monitor systems and data in real-time

Gain greater value from your enterprise data

UNICOM Digital solutions leverage emerging technologies to provide the information you need to drive actionable insights from your business data.

Key capabilities

Gain instant access to vital data insights

Aggregated views across multiple data sources

Visibility into core business metrics

Real-time data visualization

Assisted problem diagnosis

Instantly recognizable visual indicators

Persona-based customization

Seamless access to underlying applications

Flexible API and web-based integration options for analytics frameworks