Automated assistance

Accelerate business productivity and efficiency.

Automation is a strategic business imperative that provides organizations with accelerated digital transformation. It builds on a foundation of modernization to drive radical improvements in productivity and business process efficiency across the full spectrum of digital work.

Digital clerk

Free up employees by offloading low value repetitive work

Digital advisor

Assist employees by augmenting high value knowledge work

Digital business

Change business models and create new revenue streams using automation

Intelligent employee assistance

Our solution provides a framework for productivity improvements, augmentation of skilled work, and greater opportunities for cost control and revenue generation. The chatbot assistant leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to help you optimize your business through the data you hold.

Artificial intelligence

Transform, adapt and solve new problems to gain competitive advantage

Unlock value in your organization and turn data into decisions and actions

Scale your organization by automating repetitive tasks with digital labor

Use cognitive engagement to boost productivity and agility

Deliver a better user experience using Google Speech and Watson Discovery

Machine learning

Easily identify trends and patterns that are not apparent to humans

Supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement and deep learning

Predict outcomes by leveraging algorithms and models

Gain deeper understanding of customer behavior, preferences and satisfaction

Identify hidden patterns and anomalies buried in data that can help or harm you

Natural language processing

Enable natural conversations that improve customer satisfaction

Derive meaning from text using advanced analysis

Identify high-level concepts that aren't directly referenced in the text

Recognize sentiment, emotion and tone conveyed through target phrases

Continually evolve using UNICOM's fully curated and managed discovery service