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We manage the information that drives business. Our enterprise information management solutions powered by the Columbus Suite let you share business content easily across multiple channels and applications, create compelling, personalized communications, and meet your regulatory obligations for managing documents and unstructured data.


Customer Communications Management

It has never been easier for customers to switch allegiances than it is today. So it is vital to keep them loyal by providing a great customer experience – and that starts with great communications.

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Information lifecycle governance

Effective governance is essential to protect and responsibly leverage enterprise information in the face of increasing security threats, new regulatory compliance requirements and exponential data growth.

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Legacy application decommissioning

Most IT departments have at least one business application on 'life support' - being kept alive in case someone in the organization needs to access the information it holds.

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Output management

Assured delivery of printed documents with a single point of control for managing document output across the enterprise.

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