UniGW®: The UNICOM universal gateway

A framework for rapid, low-risk digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a challenge for any enterprise CIO. Dealing with a complex legacy landscape makes it even harder.


Mobile enablement

Instant, secure web and mobile access to your enterprise terminal applications

Advanced authentication

Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, plus support for biometrics, geolocation and more

UniGW Modernizer

A drag-and-drop graphical design tool for fast, no-code modernization of legacy user interfaces

Enterprise application access

UniGW provides one convenient location to work with all business applications, regardless of platform or operating system

UniGW Portal

An intuitive browser interface presenting a single view of your IT landscape, personalized to meet the needs of every user, from the CEO to the technical specialist

Real-time dashboards

Interactive displays of real-time system and business metrics, with seamless navigation to underlying applications for rapid problem resolution

Integrated analytics

Integration with analytics platforms to assist strategic planning and pinpoint areas for operational improvement, using real-time and historical data

UniGW Assistant

An AI-enabled chatbot which guides users around enterprise systems and passes on knowledge to aid learning and productivity

UNICOM application integrations

Extended interfaces for UNICOM products including: Tubes for z/OS - mainframe session management; UNICOM® Focal Point­™ - portfolio management; UNICOM System Architect® - enterprise architecture; and more...

Third-party application integrations

Enhanced interfaces for third-party applications including Splunk, Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and the OMEGAMON® performance management solution, delivering a more intuitive user experience


Eliminate the risks, costs and effort involved in changing legacy code

Extend the life of existing applications and deliver a greater return on investment

Avoid disruptive ‘rip and replace’ modernization projects

Radically improve user experience, productivity and engagement

Enable service level improvement by monitoring key IT and business metrics

Exploit advanced authentication methods to streamline and strengthen security

Address skills shortages by reducing time-to-productivity for new recruits

Deliver auditing and reporting to meet your regulatory compliance requirements

Accelerate the pace of transformation and increase organizational agility